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Teeth whitening is largely popular due to the cosmetic effects, especially in the case of patrons who have discolored or stained teeth, who find it embarrassing during socializing. The advanced treatment at our dentistry is simple with incredible results that are achieved with short sessions in the chair, far superior to OTC solutions. Teeth whitening treatment among our clientele in California is popular for the results we have consistently delivered. Our procedures are not just effective, they are absolutely safe and we offer our patrons the convenience of continuing certain simple follow up procedures from the comfort of their homes.

The superior results of cosmetic improvement procedures have made us one among the preferred dental centers in San Ramon. Teeth whitening procedures are personalized procedures beginning with pre-whitening procedures including a comprehensive cleaning and evaluation of the tooth’s sensitivity. Our procedures are safe because of the professional approach to consider dental restorations, and the condition of the teeth. We examine the condition and other factors before deciding on the safest and most effective level of bleaching that is required. Our procedures are designed to tackle the following:

  • Transforming discolored and stained teeth to whitened and appealing pearly whites
  • Delivering a professional solution to match colors accurately
  • Understanding the reasons and solutions for discoloration
  • Whitening without any form of damage to dental fillings and crowns

We offer realistic solutions to all our patients at San Ramon CA, and never make impractical claims in any of our procedures. Our attempt and solutions have always delivered results that surpass expectations, but our claims are always well balanced and feasible.  We take care to protect our reputation as one of the respected dental centers in San Ramon. Teeth whitening, in our opinion, should be delivered to greatly improve the aesthetics, but it should never be at the cost of compromising dental health of our valued clientele.  We offer our valued patrons in San Ramon CA, trays to be used at home for better results, and every single tray and solution is highly personalized and made only from materials that are safe and superior. We value the safety of our clients and therefore take great care to use only those materials that deliver the best results in the safest manner.