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Nature may sometimes not bestow everyone with a perfect row of evenly shaped teeth. The procedures that were available earlier caused a little amount of discomfort. However, Invisalign offers great relief for individuals who are not comfortable with braces used for alignment and straightening of teeth. It is our privilege to offer specialized treatment options for our valued clientele through Invisalign. San Ramon, CA residents can expect proper realignment of teeth through Invisalign procedures delivered by trained and experienced dentists. The process involves a gradual re-alignment in stages for best results in straightening and aligning of the teeth.  And this is achieved through superior evaluation procedures that consider many factors such as proper functionality of teeth that have been straightened.

As recognized San Ramon Invisalign specialists, we bring our experience and exposure to these procedures for best results. Invisalign are orthodontic clear braces that avoid the embarrassing wires and metal braces. This in turn, will help you to go ahead with all activities; no one would recognize or get a hint that you are sporting an orthodontic brace. This procedure involves the use of different trays over a period of time to bring about a gradual and perfect realignment of the teeth. We achieve this through a perfect evaluation of the re-alignment process, by observing and recording the positions, the desired position and the transitions that are necessary to complete the process.

Delivery of the best solution through Invisalign is possible only by specially trained and experienced orthodontists.  We possess the requisite training and exposure to deliver superior results through Invisalign. San Ramon, CA residents who have availed our services have reported great satisfaction at the results.  As with all of the procedures, our use of technology, combines training and experience to prevent any form of complications.  Invisalign offers great benefits, mainly because of the convenience, and this makes it a good procedure, despite the slightly higher costs.  Avoiding visible correctional braces and the ability to place and remove the clear braces at will offer great benefits for all individuals, without compromising on the results.