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At our dentistry, the emphasis is always on preventive care for healthy teeth. We do our best to help our patrons to avoid intervention procedures. This is achieved through our periodic assessments and many of our clients have avoided possible periodontists by our identification of the initial stages of gum disease. San Ramon residents who have availed our periodic dental evaluation procedures have benefited immensely. Some of the procedures we offer at our center as part of gum disease treatment include:

  • Root Planing and Scaling
  • Procedures to fight bacteria including laser treatment
  • Preventive care and maintenance to prevent periodontitis

Our approach to the procedures involves advanced diagnostic tools, in-depth visual examination and periodontal probes. These methods offer our dentists with all the information that they need to recommend proper treatment. As is commonly known, oral hygiene is the best defense to fight gingivitis or its progress to periodontists. Our reputation as a trusted periodontist in San Ramon has come with numerous successful procedures, and the solutions we give our patrons to avoid gum disease through better oral hygiene.  We take great care to deliver comprehensive periodontal cleanings, to remove plaque, tartar and bacteria. We follow up the cleaning with useful and practical tips to improve hygiene. Our periodic checkups are scheduled in such a manner so as to look for signs of relapse, matched with the bacterial build up cycles which are typically around 60 to 65 days.

Our center in San Ramon, California offers intensive scaling and root planning to get rid of tartar, plaque and bacteria which contribute to gum disease. We assess if laser treatment is necessary to fight the bio films in the depths of the tissues. Lasers, by virtue of thermal dehydration qualities, have the power to fully remove contamination.

We have earned the tag of a reputed Periodontist in San Ramon largely due to the experience of our dentists. Every procedure is carried out meticulously. You can experience the high levels of professionalism, and the warmth of courtesy from the moment you enter our center. Your treatment will be delivered from the very best equipment, through superior materials, with the personalized care of successful periodontists.