5 Factors to Consider While Taking an Invisalign Treatment

Ushering in hope for individuals with crooked or misaligned teeth, Invisalign has emerged as aanddefinitive realignment of the teeth to a position where it looks appealing and attractive.Invisalign offers amazing results without the hassles of embarrassing wires and braces thatneed to be worn for many months. Here are a few important factors that need to be considered
Prior to taking Invisalign treatment.

1# the procedure requires to be performed by a trained specialist.
Invisalign is not a DIY kit which will magically straighten your teeth. It requires a trainedpractitioner to perform the procedure. It calls for a qualified assessment of the condition andthe best way to treat it, aided by thorough visual examination.

2# Invisalign involves multiple numbers of clear aligner trays
The re-alignment is brought about by gradually changing the trays used to gently modify theangle and position of the teeth. This involves the use of multiple trays customised to eachindividual’s mouth and the position of the teeth.

#3 Oral hygiene needs to be maintained
Because of the need to have the clear braces most of the time, it makes it necessary to practicebetter oral hygiene. Especially after a meal, when particles can remain lodged between thebraces and the teeth.

#4 Dietary changes are necessary
Changes in diet are necessary during the treatment. In addition to the need for removing thealigners when eating, it is advised that small changes in diet are brought about, including theneed for more liquid diet. However, it is important to note that the recommended changes arein fact healthy.

#5 Treatment may extend to close to one year in some cases for best results
Invisalign treatment can extend up to one year in some cases, depending on the condition. Sincethe procedure involves a gradual re-alignment without damaging the teeth or gums, it can onlybe a slow and gradual procedure. There are no shortcuts here. However, in some cases, better results can be seen faster.